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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Reloved Luxury aims to become the most trusted global destination of choice for selling and buying pre-loved luxury fashion products.

Our Vision

To make it cost effective, simple, and sustainable to own and recycle luxury products.


Who are we?


Reloved Luxury is a leading online and physical business specialized in selling and buying used and new luxury designer products such as bags, accessories, fine jewelry, and watches. We focus on top tier luxury brands such as Hermes Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and others.

We started our journey in Bahrain with a website and a physical store licensed in retail and e-commerce. We do guarantee your purchase is always authentic with a money-back guarantee and we ship globally. We have developed a substantial experience in luxury products resale while building a very loyal regional and global customer base. We continuously thrive to add, improve, and disrupt the luxury designer resale business. We are experts in authentication and recognized as a verified and trusted seller by Entrupy Inc, the global leader in authentication of luxury brands.

Wouldn’t you love to look glamorous and own the most desirable luxury designer products that you walked away from at Chanel or LV Store last weekend? Well, now you know who to turn to. At Reloved Luxury, you can buy and sell new and used products using an advanced technology platform that is trustworthy, secure, user-friendly, and simple. We fully respect and maintain client’s information confidentiality and privacy.

At Reloved Luxury, we’re making a fashion statement: “We make luxury designer products affordable to everyone everywhere!”. We’re rewriting the rules of luxury, making it simple, cost-effective, and sustainable to recycle your wardrobes for cash, sell your used belongings, save money, reduce waste, and get the authentic designer wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

Our business is very dynamic and responsive. You can visit our dynamic website via any electronic display device, follow us on social media accounts, stop by our stores, and we can also come to your place if you would like a special VIP white glove concierge service. We have also added many payment features to give our customers the flexibility to buy for cash, pay with cards, or take advantage of our in-house installment plan as well Tabby installment program in Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Based on the great success of Reloved Luxury in Bahrain, we have planned our global expansion strategy with various market entry strategies in different geographies. The first expansion was Dubai, where we established our second store while substantially growing our product offering and volume. We also plan to grow into new markets directly and through our franchising model in the near future.

The fashion industry is facing various global challenges including overconsumption, overproduction, climate change, and work ethics. Reloved Luxury support and promote responsible growth and sustainability for the fashion industry. We would like to contribute to this global sustainability drive and transform for a better future.

The franchising model is a great opportunity for those with passion to become entrepreneurs in luxury designer resale where they could avoid all the hassle of creating a new concept and platform from scratch. They could easily plug and play to our franchise network and have all the tools they need to start immediately with minimal cost and time to market. Below are some details related to our franchising model:

  • The franchisee will open and own a local business establishment in the country/city agreed in the franchising rights agreement, which will be valid for 5 years and open for renewal based on performance.
  • We will give the franchisee access to use Reloved Luxury front-end and back-end technology, authentication technology, policies, and procedures.
  • We will provide ongoing training support including the use of Reloved Luxury Technology, authentication process and tools, luxury resale business models and strategies, pricing & negotiation, and social media management.
  • We will setup a country/city-specific Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and other social media accounts and give rights to the franchisee to use them as long as the franchise agreement is valid.
  • The franchisee will conduct all the business transactions through the website including receiving consignments and issuing quotes, listing products, selling products, issuing orders, and monitoring business performance through our comprehensive dashboard.
  • The franchisee will conduct all the business transactions through the website including receiving consignments and issuing quotes, listing products, selling products, issuing orders, and monitoring business performance through our comprehensive dashboard.
  • All the products listed by the franchisee will be posted on the website as part of the online shop, which is visible to all customers globally.
  • The franchisee can make a commission by selling any products listed on the website including those products listed by Reloved Luxury directly or other franchisees.
  • We are looking to franchise Reloved Luxury in the following countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, China, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Pakistan, India, Israel, Iraq, Oman, Russia, UK, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, and Brazil.

 Sell, shop, and partner with us. Join us in building the biggest luxury resale marketplace globally and spreading sustainability!

Our Promises to you

Our customers don’t take promises lightly and neither do we. Below is a list of 10 priorities that represent our deepest dedications, explorations, and our values at the core:

  • Authenticity is our first priority; we ensure all of the products are 100% authentic and we are proud to share that we are a Verified Trusted Entrupy Seller. We provide a money-back-guarantee.
  • Our state-of-the-art website is simple, smart and sustainable.
  • Our payment gateway is fully integrated and secure.
  • Our buyer and seller customer journey is unmatched, allowing customers to keep track of their consignment and its status all along the way.
  • We offer a unique high quality product collection with a wide range of options to choose from
  • We provide regional and global shipping solutions to our buyers and sellers.
  • We price based on an in-depth market intelligence ensuring to deliver affordable luxury re-loved items. Also we don’t apply auto-discounting on sellers’ products. If there is a need to reduce value of any product, the seller will be contacted and the value will only be changed after they accept the change online through their dashboard.
  • We provide an exceptional customer service experience through our promptness, brand awareness, and designer expertise.
  • We strictly respect and maintain sellers’ and buyers’ privacy and confidentiality.
  • We have a very big focus on building sustainability in the luxury designer business and we aim to make a difference to the planet by helping people around the world recycle their wardrobes allowing their beautiful items to find a new owner and feel re-loved again.

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