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Affiliate Program


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate, stylish, and innovative creators and bloggers, fashion influencers, those interested in sustainability and pre-loved fashion to join our growing affiliate program and become trusted ambassadors of Reloved Luxury brand.




What are the benefits? 


There is no cost to join our program, only money to be made!


If you source customers to buy items from us:

Get AED 450 cash for every order above AED 20,000

Get AED 650 cash for every order above AED 30,000

 (Excludes returned or cancelled orders)


If you source customers to sell with us their Hermes handbags:

Get AED 500 store credit voucher for every consignment of 5 items of more 

(Excludes returned or unapproved items)



You will supplied with regular updates to promote and help us sell.


WhatsApp Us today to join our program.